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"A man must keep a little back shop where he can be himself without reserve. In solitude alone can he know true freedom."
-Michel De Montaigne 1588

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I don't have any real measured data (winter came too soon here in Canada) but I can say that it's better than I expected.

I was out one Sunday taking some relatives out for rides. Two adult in the vehicle. About one hour driving at about 5 mph on paved roads and the battery indicator still showed full charge. Based on this I would guess maybe 3 hours running time.

The acceleration is probably more than my drivetrain can handle so I tend to be really easy on the throttle. Because of the regenerative braking, it takes some getting used to backing off the throttle slowly.

The nicest thing about it is how quiet it is. Only the sound of the chain and a slight hum from the motors.

BYO (Build Your Own):

If you are thinking about going electric, there are a few things you should do first:

Here is a list of the electrical components that I used and some suggestions as to source.

Here is a wiring diagram of my system. Pretty simple really.

Here is where it get wheels and springs.

Other Advice for What It's Worth:


I don't plan on making any detailed drawings since most every application would be different. It's pretty straight forward and I think you can get the idea from the pictures.

If you like the design or have any questions, you can reach through the Contact Page.